Mark Randall
Department of Electrical Engineering and CS
Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering
Office: KC247
Phone: 812-488-2498




Fall 2014                 

ENGR 101

EE210-Circuit I

EE356-Small Computer Software


Spring 2015                    

EE215-Circuits II

EE380-Engineering Project Lab

EE494-Senior Project Seminar

CS220 Logic Design and Machine Organization

Software Links:

Scilab  (Matlab Like Symbolic Mathematics Package)

LTSpice  (Free Circuit Simulator)

Wireshark (Free network protocol analyzer)

Get Serial Port (Simple Program that tells what Serial Ports are availabe)

Student Resources



Mustek DV518L Camera Hack

I2C 8051 Lib.
        BMP085 Pressure Sensor Driver
        HH10D Humidity Sensor I2C Driver