EE 210

Files can be downloaded as Word doc files or as Acrobat pdf files.

Syllabus: Lab Safety:

EE210Syl.pdf Safety.pdf

Syllabus supplement: pdf





KC 137 Availability


Exam 3 Make UP: pdf


Help Sheets:

Oscilloscope tutorials for the Tek DPO 2012B and Tek DPO 2022B

Part 1: Probe; frequency measurement; autoset; time cursors

Part 2: Time difference; voltage cursors; triggering; dc bias

Part 3: Fourier transform; single event trigger; saving screen

Notebook Guidelines: NoteBk.pdf

Sample lab: pdf

Superstrip layout: pdf

LTSpice tutorials

Web based from Laurier University in Canada

YouTube video on LTSPice

Notes on simultaneous equations and Cramer's rule: CoFactorNotes.pdf

Tutorial on nodal analysis: Part1, Part2

Tutorial on mesh analysis: Part1, Part2

Capacitor/Inductor notes: pdf

RLC Series Notes: pdf

RLC Parallel Notes: pdf

Nodal examples: pdf pdf

Mesh examples: pdf

Thevenin examples: pdf

MATLAB plot example: pdf

RC Transient Example: pdf


Matlab tutorial:


Old Exams:

Exam 1 from Fall, 2017: pdf

Exam1 Review Problems: pdf

Exam 2 from Fall, 2017: pdf

Exam 2 Review problems: pdf

Lab Exam 2 Review: pdf

Exam 3 from Fall, 2017: pdf

Exam 3 Review problems: pdf

Exam 3 More Review: pdf

Final Exam Review Sheet: FinalRev.pdf