EE 354


Syllabus: EE354Syl.pdf


Assignment 00: pdf Due: August 26, 2019

Assignment 01: pdf Due: September 2, 2019

Assignment 02: pdf Due: September 25, 2019

Assignment 03: pdf Due: October 28,2019

Assignment 04: pdf Due: November 4, 2019


In Class Exercises

Assembly code questions: pdf

Assembly shorts: pdf

Assembler work sheet: pdf

Assembler stack exercise: pdf

CExamples1: pdf

LCD serial data: pdf

ADC to LCD: pdf


ADCFreq to UART:pdf


USART ARM M4 to LCD: zip

A to D to A: zip

Timers: pdf

TimerInterrupts: pdf

PWM to PA6: zip



Project 01: ARM Cortx M0+ pdf

Sample documentation diagrams: pdf

Project 02: ARM Cortex M4 pdf


Practice Problems:

Practice 01:



μVision 5 Notes: mp4, pdf


Help Sheets:

ARM Cortex M0+:


Keil Software download:


Assembly Language:

Assembly language assignment notes: AsnFormat.pdf or AsnFormat.doc

L0 Bit toggle example: zip


C Language

C51 language assignment notes: CFormat.pdf

Serial I/O using sprintf function: SerialIOFormatted.doc

Serial port to LCD example: zip

LCD Serial Driver Code: pdf

Parameter passage notes: pdf



STM32L0 ARM Nucleo Board User Manual: pdf

STM32L0x1 Reference Manual

STM32L031K6 Data Sheet

STM32L0 Board Getting Started Manual

STM32L0 Board User Manual

STM32L0 Programmer's Manual

Serial LCD Driver Board: pdf

2N5307 Darlington data sheet


ARM Cortex M4 Nucleo Board:

Notes and references:

Nucleo Board User Manual: pdf

Nucleo board manual

STM32F446 reference manual

STM32F446 data sheet

STM32F4 programmer's manual

Nucleo Board pins: pdf

ARM Assembler Reference: pdf

UART Notes: pdf



STM32F446 Template for Keil V5: zip


A to D and D to A example notes: pdf





Old Exams:

Exam 1 2017:

Exam 2 2017:

Exam 3 2017:


Exam Review Sheets:

Exam 1 Sample problems: pdf

Exam 2 Review sheet: pdf

Exam 3 Review sheet: pdf

Exam 3 Another Review Sheet: pdf

Exam 3 Still Another Review Sheet: pdf

Final Exam Review: FinalRev.pdf