EE 354


Syllabus: EE354Syl.pdf

Syllabus supplement: EE354SylSupplement.pdf



Assignment 00: 8051 Board assembly: pdf Due: August 27, 2018

Assignment 01: Asm LEDs and switches; pdf Due: Sept. 5, 2018

Assignment 02: Asm driving a speaker: pdf Due: Sept. 17, 2018

Assignment 03: Waveforms in C: pdf Due: Sept. 28, 2018

Assignment 04: Tilt sensor project in C: pdf Due: October 10, 2018

Accelerometer Data: zip

Assignment 05: ARM Test pgm: pdf Due: October 29, 2018

Assignment 06: Asm function call: pdf Due: November 9, 2018

Assignment 07: Tilt sensor project in C: pdf Due: November 12, 2018

Accelerometer Data: zip



Project 01: 8051 pdf

AT89C51CC03 Schematic

Sample documentation diagrams: pdf

Project 02: ARM Cortex M4 pdf

Status Report Form - pdf

Project 2 Student assessment form - docx


Practice Problems:

Practice 01: AsmProblems.pdf

Practice 02: AsmShorts.pdf

Practice 03: 8051 C Short Answer

Practice 04: 8051 C Questions




μVision 5 Notes: mp4, pdf

Using Flip: mp4

Timer Notes for the AT89C51AC3 Part 1:wmv, Part 2:wmv, pdf

Interrupt Notes for the AT89C51AC3 wmv, pdf

A to D and D to A Converter notes wmv, pdf

Serial Communication notes wmv, pdf

PWM notes wmv, pdf


Help Sheets:



Keil Software download:

Assembly instructions for the AT89C51CC03 board: AsmbyInst89C51USB.pdf

Test program for the AT89C51CC033 board:


Assembly Language:

Notes on addressing modes: AddressModes.pdf

Assembly language assignment notes: AsnFormat.pdf or AsnFormat.doc

A collection of assembly language samples: AsmSamples.pdf

Includes use of bank switching, subprograms, binary to decimal, macros, multiply by 10, and BCD arithmetic

Bit manipulation operations: AsmBitManip.pdf

Notes on using MACROs with Keil: pdf

Assembly language Macro example MacroEx.a51

Assembly language with multiple modules example


C Language

C51 language assignment notes: CFormat.pdf

Notes on C51: C51Notes.pdf
Notes on BCD to binary conversion: pdf

A collection of C language samples: CSamples.pdf or CSamples.doc

A code example for serial I/O using the simulator: SerialIO.c

Serial I/O using sprintf function: SerialIOFormatted.doc

Communication via the serial port with C#: pdf or doc

Serial port to LCD example: zip

LCD Serial Driver Code: pdf

Parameter passage notes: pdf
Example of mixed C and assembly language -
Example of assembly calling C Asm2CNotes.pdf or Asm2CNotes.doc

Example of integer precision in C LongInt.pdf

Polled timer example in C TimerPolling.c

Interrupt driven timer example in C TimerInts.c

External interrupt example in C

Logic Analyzer simulation notes Simulation.pdf

AtoD Converter Simulation project: zip

Real Time Clock notes RTCNotes.pdf

Reentrant example: Reentrant.pdf



8051 Architecture diagram: 8051Architecture.pdf

8051 Architecture from Philips: 8051Arch.pdf

8051 Hardware from Philips: 8051Hdwr.pdf

AT89C51CC03 spec sheet: AT89C51CC03.pdf

8051 Memory: pdf

Serial LCD Driver Board: pdf

D to A spec sheet for AT89C51AC3 board: AD7524.pdf

Op Amp for AT89C51AC3 board: LM358A.pdf

Intel Hex file format notes: HexFileNotes.pdf

8051 Family Special Function Register definitions: SFRegisters.pdf

2N5307 Darlington data sheet

KWM-20881CVB LED Matrix Data sheet

LED Matrix Board: pdf


ARM Cortex M4 Nucleo Board:

Notes and references:

Nucleo Board User Manual: pdf

Nucleo board manual

STM32F446 reference manual

STM32F446 data sheet

STM32F4 programmer's manual

Nucleo Board pins: pdf

ARM Assembler Reference: pdf

UART Notes: pdf



STM32F446 Template for Keil V5: zip


A to D and D to A example notes: pdf





Old Exams:

Exam 1 2017: pdf

Exam 2 2017: pdf

Exam 3 2017: pdf


Exam Review Sheets:

Exam 1 Review questions: pdf

Exam 2 Review sheet: pdf

Exam 3 Review sheet: pdf

Exam 3 Another Review Sheet: pdf

Exam 3 Still Another Review Sheet: pdf

Final Exam Review: FinalRev.pdf

Final Exam Review 2: FinalRev2.pdf