Engr 123

Syllabus: Engr123Syl.pdf



Notes and Help sheets:

Style Guidelines: StyleGdCSharp.pdf

Quadratic Eq with methods and classes: pdf zip




Asn 01 Temperature pdf Due:January 23, 2019

Asn 02 PI pdf Due:January 30, 2019

Asn 03 Numerical integration pdf Due:February 11, 2019

Asn 04 Fourier series pdf Due February 18, 2019

Asn 05 2D Array pdf Due:March 6, 2019

Asn 05 data Asn05.txt Asn05.zip

Asn 06 Short answer docx Due March 20, 2019

Asn 07 Card game simulation pdf Due April 1, 2019

Asn 08 Blackjack pdf Due April 17, 2019

Asn 09 Charting tool pdf Due April 30, 2019


Class Exercises:

First Day exercise: VS2017Notes.pdf

Quadratic Console: zip


Loop Worksheet:pdf

Loop Method: doc

GetSum problem: zip

DistanceProblem: docx

Array Problems: pdf

Sorting (console): zip

Static/Dynamic: docx

ClassProblems: docx

GUI1 Example: zip

GUI In Class: GUIInClass.zip

Menu Demo: GUIMenuDemo.zip

String Test: StringTest.zip

String Problems: pdf

String Problems 2: pdf

String Problems 3: pdf

File examples: docx


Menu and graphics examples: doc

Graphics Example 1: zip

Chart Examples: zip

Life In Class: docx

Fourier Series: notes, zip




Handing in assignments: pdf

Chart Notes: pdf

Graphics Notes: pdf

Exceptions: pdf


Old Exams and Review Sheets:

Exam118: pdf

Exam 1 Review: pdf

Exam218: pdf

Exam 2 Review Problems: pdf

Exam318: pdf

Exam 3 Review Problems: pdf

Final Exam Review: FinalRev.pdf

More Final Exam Review: FinalRev2.pdf

Still more Final Exam Review: FinalRev3.pdf