Engr 123

Syllabus: Engr123Syl.pdf



Notes and Help sheets:

Style Guidelines: StyleGdCSharp.pdf

Quadratic Eq with methods and classes: pdf




Asn 01 Triangles pdf Due:January 17, 2018

Asn 02 Pythagoras pdf Due:January 24, 2018

Asn 03 Numerical integration pdf Due:February 5, 2018

Asn 04 Trig Functions pdf Due:February 14, 2018

Asn 05 Matlab Vector ops pdf Due February 28, 2018

Asn 06 Nim pdf Due: March 19, 2018

Asn 07 Gold Buttons pdf Due: April 4, 2018

Asn 08 Chart pdf Due: April 23, 2018



Class Exercises:

First Day exercise: VS2017Notes.pdf


Loop Worksheet:pdf

Loop Method: doc

GetSum problem: zip

DistanceProblem: docx

Sorting (console): zip

Static/Dynamic: docx

ClassProblems: docx

GUI1 Example: zip

GUI In Class: GUIInClass.zip

Menu Demo: GUIMenuDemo.zip

String Test: StringTest.zip

String Problems: pdf

String Problems 2: pdf

String Problems 3: pdf

File examples: doc


Menu and graphics examples: doc

Graphics Example 1: zip

Life In Class: docx




Handing in assignments: pdf

Chart Notes: pdf

Graphics Notes: pdf


Old Exams and Review Sheets:

Exam117: pdf

Exam 1 Review: pdf

Exam217: pdf

Exam 2 Review Problems: pdf

Exam317: pdf

Exam 3 Review Problems: pdf

Final Exam Review: FinalRev.pdf

More Final Exam Review: FinalRev2.pdf

Still more Final Exam Review: FinalRev3.pdf