CS 495 - Senior Project Phase I

Class Schedule: MWF 12, KC-267
There is no final exam for this course.


These are announcements made in class or via email currently in effect for this course.

Wednesday, November 20
The schedule for the presentations that start on Friday are as follows:

Friday, November 22 - CS Projects

Monday, November 25 - EE/CoE Projects
D.E.L.T.A. Scooter
Go Baby Go

Monday, December 2 - CS Projects

Wednesday, December 4 - EE/CoE Projects
IEEE Robots
Robotic Football

As noted previously, attendance at all presentations is mandatory.

Friday, November 8, Re: Complete draft and schedule
This is a friendly reminder that the complete draft of the proposal for your project is due on Monday, November 11.

CS/EE 495 will NOT meet next week (November 11-15). The following week is conferences with Dr. Wu and myself. The schedule is the same as with previous conferences. DON'T FORGET TO LOG YOUR TIME WORKING ON PROPOSAL ACTIVITIES.

CS Projects - Dr. Hwang's Office
Monday, November 18
12:00 - Jim
12:15 - Jared
12:30 - Graham

Wednesday, November 20
12:00 - Nhan
12:15 - Oti
12:30 - Darwin

EE/CoE Group Projects - KC-267 with Dr. Wu
Monday, November 18
12:00 - D.E.L.T.A. Scooter
12:15 - PLC Lab
12:30 - Go Baby Go

Wednesday, November 20
12:00 - Football Robotic Team
12:15 - IEEE Robots

Please also note that final presentations start on Friday, November 22, for the last 4 meetings of this class. Attendance is mandatory.


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