CS 375 - Unix System Programming

Class Schedule: MWF 3, KC-267
Grades for this course will be posted to Blackboard

Due to COVID-19, all student meetings will be conducted one-on-one via Zoom. See instructor's homepage for times set aside for office hour appointments. Make an appointment online at URL https://calendly.com/hwangdj/appointments at least one hour in advance. Email for availability at other times.

There is no final exam in this course. The Final Project is due no later than 11:59 on Monday, November 3 (Reading/Study Day).


These are announcements made in class or via email currently in effect for this course.


Course information

Course software: All assignment for this class must be completed under Ubuntu 16.04LTS or newer.


This is a list of documents posted for this class in reverse chronological order. Some will be available in hard copy as well.