CS 375 - Unix System Programming

Class Schedule: MWF 3, KC-267
Grades for this course will be posted to Blackboard

Due to COVID-19, all student meetings will be conducted one-on-one via Zoom. See instructor's homepage for times set aside for office hour appointments. Make an appointment online at URL https://calendly.com/hwangdj/appointments at least one hour in advance. Email for availability at other times.

There is no final exam in this course. The Final Project is due no later than 11:59 on Monday, November 3 (Reading/Study Day).


These are announcements made in class or via email currently in effect for this course.

Friday, November 13, Re: Grading weights
Due to the cancellation of the take-home exam, the following weighting will determine the final grade in this class. The A/B grade line is anticipated to be around 85% with the D/F line at around 50%.

75%Programming projects (weighted as indicated on the assignment)
20%Final programming project
5%In-class and homework assignments (weighted as indicated on the assignment)

Wednesday, November 4, Re: Schedule for rest of term

There will be no classes after November 13. Class time will be available for office hours appointments via Zoom made on Calendly. The final project will go out November 11 and will be due on the last day of class, November 25. Nothing will be due after classes end.

Projects that earned fewer than half the available points or that were not submitted may be (re)submitted for up to half credit until the last day of class, November 25, via email to the instructor.


Course information

Course software: All assignment for this class must be completed under Ubuntu 16.04LTS or newer.


This is a list of documents posted for this class in reverse chronological order. Some will be available in hard copy as well.