CS 495 - Senior Project Phase I

Class Schedule: MWF 11, KC-131

Due to COVID-19, all student meetings will be conducted one-on-one via Zoom. See instructor's homepage for times set aside for office hour appointments. Make an appointment online at URL https://calendly.com/hwangdj/appointments at least one hour in advance. Email for availability at other times.

There is no final exam for this course. Final proposal in PDF format is due on Reading/Study Day, Monday, November 30, at 11:59pm on LiveText


These are announcements made in class or via email currently in effect for this course.

Thursday, November 5
Here is the presentation schedule that Dr. Wu and Dr. Hwang have come up with. Reminder: guidelines are posted on the course webpage, and the presentations should be 10-15 minutes long. So that no one is rushed, we will do at most 4 presentations each day. Let us know if there are any issues with the schedule. Wednesday, Nov. 25, is reserved for makeups due to unavoidable circumstances.

Wednesday, November 18 - In-person CS presentations

Friday, November 20 - In-person EE/CoE group project presentations

Monday, November 23

Friday, August 28
Instructor needs to be away on Wednesday, September 3. Syllabus schedule has been revised to reflect this.


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