EE 210
Lab Note Books


Your lab note books should consist of good written text.  Each sentence should be a complete thought.


You Lab Notebook should have a Title (LAB 2 KCL/KVL)
 Each Lab should be dated and include the names of both team members.

Each lab should consist of the following Sections.


Purpose:  This purpose should explain the reason for doing the lab.  If you are doing the lab to explore KCL/KVL why would you be doing this?  Maybe to verify that all the voltage drops and rises in a loop must mathematically sum to zero.

Procedure:  This is a step-by-step description of the lab.  If another student picks up your lab book he/she should be able to do the lab over again with the same results.

Data:  This section should include and circuit diagrams used or needed for the lab.  It also should include any measured values or calculations used during the lab.

Conclusion: What did you accomplish.  Did you accomplish the purpose of the lab?  List failures or surprises that you may have encountered during the lab.  Your personal comments should be in this section
                   This section should not just say "I liked this lab.  I think it was a good lab!"