Dr. Tony Richardson

Assoc. Professor of Electrical Engineering

University of Evansville

Evansville, IN 47722

Koch Center 266A



website: csserver.evansville.edu/~richardson

Fall 2020 Schedule

UE Schedule (PDF)

Fall 2020 Courses

EE310 Signals & Systems

EE320 Electromagnetics

EE354 Embedded Systems

EE470 Communication Theory

Some resources I have developed for use in engineering courses:


UE Octave/MATLAB Routines

Download and Install

LTSpice Supplemental Library

UE LTSpice Component Library

MATLAB/Octave Linear Systems

List of Modules

Assembly Language Programming Material

Library and User Manual


Bode Plots

Creating Bode Plots (pdf)


DC Analysis, AC Analysis, etc

Complex Numbers

Calculator Comparison

Phasors and Circuit Analysis

Audio Processing

Audio Proc. with Octave and LTSpice

Image Processing

Pixel Neighborhood Processing (pdf)

Graph Paper

Linear, Semilog, Polar

Archive of PDF Graph Paper


Electronic Symbols

Generating Random Numbers in Calc

Favorite software and hardware links


LTSpice (circuit sim – Win only)

Logisim (digital circuits)

Falstad Circuit Simulator

QUCS Circuit Simulator

Soundcard Scope (Windows)

Operating Systems

Linux (Ubuntu distribution)




C/C++/Java/Fortran Programming

cygwin (C, C++, Fortran, ...)

MinGW (Native Windows Development)

Codeblocks (C++ GUI for cygwin/MinGW)

drjava (Java devel)

Other Programming Languages

Scheme (Racket), Perl (Strawberry Perl)

Python, Processing, Scratch

Alice, Kojo

Software Libraries

CImg (C++ image processing)

Clam (C++ Library for Audio/Music)

Boost (C++ Development)


pdfsam (PDF Split and Merge)

Audacity (Audio processing/conversion)

Gimp (Image processing)

ImageJ (Image processing)

Irfanview (Image processing – Win only)

Numerical Analysis

Octave (Similar to MATLAB)

Octave Forge (Octave for Windows/Mac)

The MinGW version is recommended

UE Installation

WinPython (Python w scipy/numpy)

UE Installation

Symbolic Mathematics

Maxima/wxMaxima (ala Mathematica)

Microsoft Mathematics (Win Only)

UNIX Emulation in Windows

cygwin (Shell, Libraries, X11)

Virtual Machines

VirtualBox (PC VM)

QEMU (multi-platform VM)


SDCC (8051/Z80/6808 C Compiler)

Arduino (uC based prototyping platform)

WinAVR (C compiler for Arduino)

Wiring (uC based prototyping platform)




TuxGuitar (guitar tab editor/player)

MuseScore (music composition)

Clam (C++ Library for Audio/Music)

Timidity++ (midi software synthesizer)

Virtual Keyboard (runs in browser)

TI Calculator Emulation

TiEmu (TI 89-92 emu - ROM needed)

Wabbitemu (TI 83-86 emu - ROM needed)

TI-83 SDK (SDK w/emu no ROM needed)