MATLAB/Octave Scripts to Accompany

Signals & Systems: Theory and Applications”

The MATLAB/Octave scripts below were written to mimic the Labview simulation modules that were developed to accompany the textbook “Signals & Systems: Theory and Applications” by Fawwaz Ulaby and Andrew Yagle. This text and the corresponding Labview modules are available for free download from I plan to use the textbook and found the Labview modules to be very educational. We primarily use MATLAB/Octave as a simulation tool, hence the effort to mimic the Labview modules.

Tony Richardson

University of Evansville



ZIP Archive Containing All Files

Input Files (Required by the Chapter 6 scripts)



Chapter 2: Linear Time-Invariant Systems

2.1: Convolution of Exponential Functions

2.2: Automobile Suspension Response

Chapter 4: Applications of the Laplace Transform

4.1 Oven Temperature Response

4.2: Inverted Pendulum Response

Chapter 6: Applications of the Fourier Transform

6.1: Notch Filter to Remove Sinusoid from a Trumpet Signal

6.2: Comb Filter to Separate two Trumpet Signals

6.3: Filtering a Noisy Trumpet Signal

Chapter 8: Applications of Discrete-Time Signals and Systems

8.1: Discrete-Time Frequency Response from Poles and Zeros

8.2: Discrete-Time Notch Filter to Eliminate One of Two Sinusoids

8.3: Discrete-Time Notch Filter to Eliminate Sinusoid from Trumpet Signal