EE415 – Digital Image Processing

Fall 2017






  1. Octave

Octave Installation Video

  1. Image Archive


A collection of image files. These will be the source images that are used in the class projects. All images from the textbook are included.

Extract the archive to the root of your C: drive. You will find the images under C:\opt\images.

These images are from the textbook web site ( and also include the ImageJ sample images.

  1. ImageJ

Download ImageJ from

A public domain image processing program written in Java. We will primarily be using ImageJ as an image viewer, but it is has many advanced image processing capabilities.

  1. Frhed

Download frhed from

A binary file editor for Windows. Convenient for examining image files.

  1. UE Image Library

The ueimage library provides a set of C language routines that are useful for low-level image processing. The routines support both gray-level (monochrome) and color image processing. The routines are designed to be simple, efficient and portable (across operating systems and C compilers). Only a single header file (ueimage.h) needs to be included in the user-written main program. The header contains all of the library source code, so no special build environment (or library linkage) is required.

Library: ueimage.h

UE Image Library User Manual

Monochrome test programs and test image:

gr_test_01.c, gr_test_02.c, gr_test_03.c, gr_test_04.c, clown.pgm

Color test programs and test image:

co_test_01.c, co_test_02.c, co_test_03.c, co_test_04.c, clown.pnm