Engineering Mathematics

Spring 2020






Weekly Zoom Meeting on Wednesday at 3:00 PM Central


Meeting ID: 250 623 010

Reference Material

Octave User Manual (OUM)

Octave Statistics Package Function Reference

Introduction to Octave

MATLAB Documentation

Prob & Stats Student Textbook Site

Octave Installation and Setup

Three short videos (4:30, 5:35, 14:47) illustrating how to install and setup Octave for the course.

If you already have Octave installed, skip the first video.

Play the videos at 2x speed if you want to get through them in half the time. Pause the video when you need too.

Video Instructions

Textbook Data Set:

Data Set Archive: DataSetsCSV.zip

Read data into matrix x (Octave or MATLAB) with a command like this:

x = dlmread('exp01-10.txt', ',', 1, 0);

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