University of Evansville LTSpice IV Library and Tutorials


  1. An Introduction to DC Analysis (pdf, OO Writer)

  2. Analyzing DC Op Amp Circuits (pdf, OO Writer)

  3. Switched DC Circuits (pdf, OO Writer)

  4. Transient Analysis and Time Varying Sources (pdf, OO Writer)

  5. Transient Analysis and Sinusoidal Steady State (pdf, OO Writer)

  6. An Introduction to AC Analysis (pdf, OO Writer)

  7. Frequency Response (pdf, OO Writer)

  8. Transformers (pdf, OO Writer)

  9. Current Voltage Characteristics (not yet available)

  10. Transistor Amplifiers (not yet available)

  11. Digital Circuits (not yet available)

Here is a very rough draft of:

The UE/LTSpice IV Component Library (pdf, OO Writer)

You will first need to download and install Linear Technology's LTSpice IV

circuit simulation program. You can download LTSpice IV from the Linear web site:

Then download and install the UE archive of component symbols and libraries:

The UE archive supplements the components and libraries supplied

with LTSpice IV. The components and libraries in the archive are intended

for students of circuits and electronics who have never used a SPICE

based circuit simulation program before. The archive is used in the

tutorials below. To install the UE archive copy the lib directory in

the archive into the LTC/LTspiceIV directory (typically found under

the “Program Files” directory after installing LTSpice IV.

The tutorials are ordered in roughly the same way that the corresponding

topics are covered in our circuits courses. I think working through the

tutorials and trying to reproduce the results is a great way to learn how

to use LTSpice IV.