UE Octave/MATLAB Software

You can download the Octave/MATLAB routines developed by Dr Richardson for some of the courses that he teaches here.  Download the appropriate file.

Octave: ue_packages_2018_08_17.zip 

MATLAB: ue_matlab_2018_08_17.zip 

Very brief installation instructions follow.  The step-by-step procedure can be seen in the video.

Octave Installation Instructions

Extract (unzip) the contents of the archive file.  From the Octave window, use the File Browser to navigate to the folder containing the archive contents.  At the Octave command prompt enter:

pkg install packagefilename

to install the desired package.  Specifically,

pkg install ue_signal.tar.gz

will install the UE signal routines.

Verify that the packages are installed by entering “pkg list” at the Octave command prompt.

After the install is complete, you can delete the folder containing the extracted files.  You can also delete the downloaded zipfile.

MATLAB Installation Instructions

Extract (unzip) the contents of the archive file to a desired location.  
Set the MATLAB path variable appropriately.

For example, if you extract to the “C:\Program Files\MATLAB” directory you could add the following lines to your
startup.m file in your MATLAB startup directory to add the file to your MATLAB path:

  path('C:\Program Files\MATLAB\ue_matlab\ue_comm', path);
  path('C:\Program Files\MATLAB\ue_matlab\ue_complex', path);
  path('C:\Program Files\MATLAB\ue_matlab\ue_polynomial', path);

Brief Description of UE Routines

Signals and Systems Routines: 
Communication Routines:
Complex Number Routines: 
Image Processing Routines:
Polynomial Routines:
Utility Routines
Statistics Routines: