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These are links to information about some issues I care about.

Pension Reform

As The Economist says, European pensions are “now widely viewed as an over-generous perk.” Never mind farm subsidies: as the retired demographic grows larger, and the working demographic grows smaller, more pressure is put on the latter to support this ridiculously unbalanced “pay as you go” system. The problem is magnified by the shifting voting power that follows the shifting demographic.

But this isn't as frightening as the response even right-wing politicians offer, such as David Willetts in “Old Europe? Demographic Change and Pension Reform”: have more babies. That the state would look to such paternalistically radical solutions rather than addressing the root of the problem—the pension payments themselves—is ridiculous pandering. I don't even want to think about what the unions have in mind.

“Decline in births breeds pension fears”, from the Financial Times, jokingly suggests “cutting taxes on drink, raising taxes on contraceptives or organising regular power blackouts.” I'm afraid it's ha ha, only serious.

Multilateral Free Trade

I just wrote a whole essay on this issue, so will not reiterate it here. Maybe I'll copy some of it here later. When I get the chance, I'll copy the full essay here as well.

No ePatents petition (signatory 238665)

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