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UPDATED .vimrc 2.0 FILE ON 1/28/03

Save time and keystrokes...

Place this .vimrc file in your home directory so that you don't have to set tabs and many other things every time you enter vi.

The new .vimrc file includes:

  • Tab space settings (read comment below on a2ps)

  • Backspace mapping (now including line wrapping)

  • F2 hot key to SEARCH

  • F3 hot key to FIND NEXT occurrence of search

  • F5 hot key to CUT (for use with mouse)

  • F6 hot key to COPY (for use with mouse)

  • F7 hot key to PASTE (for use with mouse)

  • F10 hot key to SAVE the file and continue editing. (w!)

  • F11 hot key for QUIT without saving. (q!)

  • F12 hot key to SAVE and QUIT. (wq!)

  • Mappings for the keypad (num lock must be on)

  • Tab completion on most recently used word!!

  • "h" hot key to switch to header file with same name as .cpp source file

  • "s" hot key to switch to source file with same name as .h header file

  • And many more infinitesimal settings that Brandon and I thought were cool (you probably wont notice them).

We also included the capability to make your project INSIDE of vi with our vimrc 2.0 file as well.  Just go to command mode (ESC :) and type make.  As long as you name your make file 'make', it will save any changes to the current file, compile it through the makefile and report any problems ALL INSIDE OF VIM!!  This makes debugging a lot easier.

Unfortunately I have yet to find a way to make a2ps automatically print with 3 tab spaces without using either an -T3 option or this .a2psrc file.  Once again place that in your home directory.  This is how you use the -T3 option:

a2ps -T3 file1 file2 etc

ALWAYS be careful when making the .vimrc and .a2psrc file, you must add an empty line at the bottom or you will get unexpected results.

Special thanks to Brandon Meeks, vim help files, and


Last Modified September 6th, 2005